PWR!Moves®- A Parkinson exercise revolution

Submitted by Genevieve Culberson on March 02, 2020

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Helping people get better and stay better with exercise.

Studies have shown that the progression of Parkinson disease (PD), as well as other neurological disorders, may be slowed using high-amplitude/high-effort exercise training.

Older patient exercising

Parkinson disease has a variety of symptoms.

Most commonly diagnosed in older adults, PD can have a variety of symptoms including muscle weakness, loss of mobility and function, speech changes, as well as gait and balance difficulties. Whether you've been recently diagnosed or are living with the disease, PD-targeted exercises, overseen by a qualified specialist certified with PWR!Moves, which stands for Parkinson Wellness Recovery, may help.

Exercises can help neurological patients with movement.

PWR!Moves have been specifically created to serve as building blocks for every day movement:

  • Strengthening postural muscles
  • Working on weight shifting
  • Improving trunk rotation/mobility
  • Increasing the ability to step

All of these skills traditionally deteriorate when suffering from PD.

PWR!Moves exercises can be personalized.

The exercises are adaptable for each individual patient and their specific situation. They have been shown to benefit patients after a stroke and are completed utilizing five different postures, including:

  1. Lying on the stomach
  2. Lying on the back
  3. Sitting
  4. Standing
  5. On “all fours”

Several advances in physical, occupational and speech therapy, like this exercise program, have shown promise in helping to improve quality of life for Parkinson disease patients. It’s important to speak with your physician about the latest options available. You can also call most rehabilitation programs to find out what they offer PD patients.

Genevieve "GiGi" Culberson, is a physical therapist who practices at Chesapeake Regional Medical Center's Rehabilitation Services Department. She is certified in both PWR!Moves® (Parkinson Wellness Recovery) as well as LSVT BIG® and has implemented both into her clinical practice. She has more than 32 years of physical therapy experience.