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Don't Let Embarrassment About Fecal Incontinence Stop You

Posted by Mindy Petit R.N. on May 21, 2018 12:00:00 AM

It can stink up your social life. But fecal incontinence is often curable.

Fecal, or bowel, incontinence is the inability to control gas, liquid stool, or even, in severe cases, solid stool. It can be an embarrassing condition. So much so that many people with minor cases often choose not to discuss related concerns with their physician, incorrectly assuming that fecal incontinence is simply a normal part of old age. But it isn’t.

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Preventing Seasonal Allergy Symptoms

Posted by Dr. Nitish Manning on May 14, 2018 7:49:00 AM

Spring has sprung and so have your sneezes

Allergies can wreak havoc on your system, causing symptoms from watery or itchy eyes to coughing, congestion and possibly even a rash. While they've become synonymous with spring, allergies can actually be seasonal or year-round, depending on your trigger. The first step to controlling your bothersome symptoms is figuring out what you're allergic to.

You can narrow it down by taking note of your symptoms and their patterns. Then you can work to avoid the allergen. Below are tips to reduce both seasonal and year-round environmental allergens, including dust mites, mold, animal dander and pollens.

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Colon Cancer Death Rates Rise in Younger Adults

Posted by Dr. Bruce Waldholtz on May 7, 2018 4:45:00 PM

Colon Cancer and Younger Adults

The recommended screening age for colon cancer is 50, unless you have a family history of the disease; but that doesn’t mean you should wait until you are middle aged to see a gastroenterologist.

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The Most Common Questions New Moms Ask About Breastfeeding

Posted by Karla Johnson on Apr 30, 2018 7:36:00 AM

Breastfeeding is nature-made, but it doesn’t always come naturally

Chesapeake Regional Healthcare offers lactation support in the hospital and in our Lactation Store, because it is only natural for new moms to need guidance with something they have never done before.  

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7 Things You Can Do to Quit Smoking

Posted by Dr. Lynne Skaryak on Apr 23, 2018 7:30:00 AM

Getting healthy is not just about losing weight or getting fit. Quitting smoking and getting your lung health in check are other resolutions that can better your health. It may seem like another improbable goal, but you can do it! Follow these suggestions to achieve your health goals:

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3 Foods to Protect Yourself from Cancer

Posted by Tracy Yoda, MS, RD, CSOWM, CDE on Apr 16, 2018 7:49:00 AM

Adding These Protective Foods Can Reduce Your Risk of Cancer

According to the Mayo Clinic, "Cancer refers to any one of a large number of diseases characterized by the development of abnormal cells that divide uncontrollably and have the ability to infiltrate and destroy normal body tissue. Cancer often has the ability to spread throughout your body."

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How My Healthy Weigh Changed My Life

Posted by Cheryl Baxter on Apr 9, 2018 7:44:00 AM

My Life Flashed Before My Eyes

In June of 2017, I was overweight with high blood pressure and swollen ankles, and I had an array of medications to take. It took one ER visit for me to open my eyes about my health and realize I needed to do something. To hear my doctor say, “Ms. Baxter, you are a diabetic” was not something I thought I would ever hear. My life flashed before my eyes, and all I could think of was my daughter. This was the moment that I planned to positively change my life.

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Why Every Adult Needs an Advance Directive

Posted by Grace Padgett on Apr 2, 2018 7:39:00 AM

What if an accident or illness caused you to be unable to make medical decisions for yourself?

It's a worst-case scenario, but a medical emergency or crisis can occur at any time, rendering you incapable of making or communicating your health care choices. An Advance Directive can help by giving premeditated direction to a loved one or physician rather than asking them to guess about your wishes if that time should come.

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How Knowing Your Family History Can Help Prevent Colon Cancer

Posted by Dr. Brian Buchberg on Mar 26, 2018 7:36:00 AM

While nobody likes to talk about their backside, I’ve got good news in honor of National Colorectal Cancer Awareness month. When found and treated early, colon cancer is often curable. And a colonoscopy, the main colon cancer screening method, is one of the few cancer screening tests that can potentially rid a patient of cancer.

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What to Look For in a Maternity Hospital

Posted by Lisa Wainwright-Pinion on Mar 21, 2018 7:44:00 AM

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